For nearly a decade, Craig McDonell has sold The Big Issue at Rialto. Last year, when he came to building management with a dilemma, the community came to his rescue.

In 2015, Craig McDonell approached Rialto Community Manager Andy with a predicament - his powered wheelchair was over eight years old and in urgent need of replacement.

There aren’t many people at Rialto who don’t know Craig. Whether you pass him on your way into work, or you’ve spent time with him in the lobby watching a game, Craig is a big part of the Rialto family. For nearly a decade, Craig has sold The Big Issue to Rialto tenants and Melburnians alike – never without a beaming smile, and a cheeky sense of humour.

Craig was quoted a colossal $25,000 for a new chair, and although the Australian government was able to donate $10,000, it still left him to raise around $15,000. Andy immediately reached out to tenants via the @Rialto Portal to see if anyone would be interested in contributing to the cause. Remarkably, within 2 weeks, the Rialto Community had banded together to raise the funds required to give Craig a new lease on life!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to Craig's new wheelchair, including: 
  • Minter Ellison
  • Nevett Ford
  • Delphi Bank
  • Fordham
  • Grant Thornton
  • Enterprise Architects
  • K&L Gates 
  • Hall & Wilcox 
  • Regus
  • PEXA
  • LVMH Tag Heuer 
  • Rialto Joint Venture 
  • And countless other individuals

Equiem Stories - EPiSODE 2

Moments of Delight - Michael's Story

This bite-sized example of outstanding customer service reflects Equiem’s commitment to delighting tenants on a daily basis.

Anticipating customer needs to create moments of delight

The traditional office tower security and concierge model is no longer sufficient because today, tenants are expecting more - customer service is just the beginning and at Equiem we aim to provide a new standard in ‘customer experience’. While Equiem Onsite has been delighting customers with spectacular surprise holidays and competition giveaways, it’s the little things our Community Managers and Concierge team consistently do that ensures the expectations of each and every tenant are not only achieved, but surpassed.

Equiem’s product mix forms a unique, omni-channel approach, because we recognise the importance of technology in enhancing customer experiences. The best companies leverage the power of technology to improve service delivery, backed by human support. People do business with people and build relationships with people.

This bite-sized example of outstanding customer service reflects Equiem’s commitment to delighting tenants on a daily basis. Our Onsite team achieves legendary service by putting every customer first and ensures they leave each interaction with 100% satisfaction.

Introducing Michael Elliott from Australia Square, Sydney.

While together in the lift, Australia Square Head Concierge Michael Elliott struck up conversation with Mike Cox, a visitor from the UK, who mentioned he was flying to the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) the next day. Michael knew that Mike was busy with work at Coriolis whilst in Australia and would see him the following morning before he departed. So overnight, Michael researched some activities and general information on the GBR printed it off and surprised the visitor in the lobby the next day by handing him the unexpected holiday tips! Mike was blown away by the helpful and time-saving information, and incredibly happy with the considerate customer service. Michael’s thoughtfulness ensured that Mike's trip was especially memorable and his GBR stay more enjoyable! In an email to Building Management, Mike expressed his surprise and gratitude at Michael’s superior service:

“As a visitor from the UK, I just wanted to point out the excellent service and friendly welcome given to me by your lobby staff, in particular Michael Elliott. Whilst waiting for the lift, i happened to mention that i would shortly be visiting the Great Barrier Reef... Lo and behold, next morning, Michael met me in the lobby and handed me a whole mass of info on the GBR that he had printed off for me overnight to make my stay more enjoyable! We are very grateful to Michael for his excellent tourist advice...a superb ambassador for Australia!” - Mike Cox

Michael could have simply engaged in friendly conversation before parting ways with the visitor, but the moment of delight arises when the customer is the recipient of something extraordinary.  

We asked Michael some questions about his thoughts on customer service:

What is your customer service philosophy? In other words what does 'excellent customer service' mean to you and what drives you to help others?

My philosophy for providing the highest level of customer service could be summarised in one word: Anticipate.
Develop a clear vision for the wants and needs of your customers and then anticipate those needs even before they realise they need them. This is where you can truly begin to exceed expectations.

Tell us a bit about your background and experience - prior to joining Equiem.

Over the last 10 years, I have been fortunate enough to travel to over 30 countries whilst working for leading resorts including Delta Sunpeaks in the Rocky Mountains, Sheraton Fota Island in the south of Ireland and most recently qualia on Hamilton Island. All these established resorts showcase the highest level of standards and the paramount importance of the customer.

Tell us about the dynamic team at Australia Square - how do you and the concierge team work together to delight tenants every day - especially without an Equiem Portal?

Australia Square boasts a magnificent tenant culture which welcomes our team with open arms. The fact that this office building has been open since 1967 and there are tenants still operating businesses from the 70’s, is a true testament to the facilities and prestige of this site. Without the Portal as a communication tool, we focus our efforts on the traditional aspect of our engagement strategy. We begin by researching each business to specifically tailor our services and then ensure we're developing a rapport with tenants, including the challenge to memorise as many tenants' names as possible!

What other concierge services and amenities do you offer tenants?

Something we have established as a minimum standard is approaching anyone lounging in the foyer and offering a bottle of water. This may seem like a small gesture however it is very well received by the guests of Australia Square.

Will you be planning a trip to the Great Barrier Reef yourself soon?

As Hamilton Island is where I met my beautiful wife, the Whitsundays will always hold a special place in my heart. And Whitehaven beach my favourite spot in Australia, so I have no doubt we will be visiting again very soon.

Photos of Mike's trip to Great Barrier Reef



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