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Tenant Portal

A modern, battle-tested solution

One platform to manage your building communication
Building management has never been this easy or beautiful. More than just a tenant tool, the Equiem Portal offers vastly improved systems to manage segmented communications, reporting and more.
Supercharge your retailers, wow your tenants
With the Portal Store tenants can order their morning coffee and more from their favourite local cafe, then get it delivered to their desk. This is a dream come true for retailers too, who gain a direct channel to their target market.
Easy to use, on any device 
Designed and created to look beautiful on all devices, browsers and email clients, Equiem has your customer's experience with our software firmly front of mind, all the time.
Continuously updated
We follow Agile methodology and specifically practice Continuous Delivery, enabling us to release new functionality every few days, rather than on a weekly or monthly timeframe. This helps us build the best possible product that suits our clients' requirements. 
Managed by a dedicated team of experts
The Equiem team is much more than just a marketing department pushing software. Whether its producing daily content tailored to your precinct, liaising with local retailers or engaging directly with your community through events and services, there's someone at Equiem to activate every aspect of your building, end-to-end.
Built on open source technologies
Built from the ground up on the rock-solid foundation of the Drupal framework and other open source technologies, The Portal platform is flexible, scalable and always evolving.
Fully white-labelled platform
Each portal supports custom logos, colours, branding and even navigation, allowing your Portal to fit naturally into your existing brand identity.
Safe and secure
The Portal is a 100% PCI-DSS compliant e-commerce solution. We've already put in the hard work to ensure our product meets the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, allowing you to rest easy knowing that all eCommerce transactions through the platform are safe and secure.
After years of development and dozens of live managed portals, we've tried and tested many approaches to common problems faced by building management, retailers, concierge and tenants. We know exactly what works, what doesn't and why.

Build an active tenant community

Engaging hyperlocal content, written only for our clients
Our content team work hard to create high quality hyperlocal news and events across every building, not seen anywhere else.This means the content on the Portal is always highly relevant to building occupants. 
Engagement strategy and calendar
We work directly with each client to set and execute a content strategy specific for each building that aims to maximise the number of occupants engaged on the Portal. 
Directory of people and places
Users can show appreciation or provide feedback via  for content by comments by hitting "Like".
Live chat
Portal users can get a direct link to Equiem Concierge and support staff via our live chat integration.
Never miss an update - a content overview is emailed out to portal users every week.
Notification system
Users receive notifications about their comments, events or conversations they are engaged with.
Subscription payments
Subscribe to building facilities and services such as lockers and automatically pay fees via the Portal.
Direct messaging
Users can direct message each other, creating connections between tenancies and establishing building-wide communities.
Loyalty & rewards
With points accrued for various actions across the site, users score loyalty points for making purchases, logging in, leaving comments and more.
Social engagement
Users can show appreciation or provide feedback by commenting or hitting the Like button. 

Manage your building with ease

Booking system
Building managers can manage shared spaces by creating bookable calendars, allowing tenants to schedule in when they want to use the space according to pre-set time slots.
Locker management system
Building managers can track locker usage and ownership and tenants can reserve and rent a locker with ease.
Rent management system
Coworking space managers can offer multiple rental plans and receive rent payments directly via the portal.
Access card management system
Building managers and their security team can keep track of access cards by associating them with users.
Maintenance request system
Residents can lodge their maintenance requests directly through the portal, which are sent directly to building management.
Communications system
Building management can manage their core communications system via the portal including emergency alerts and segmented communications/notifications.
Building Information
Vital information about the building or space is easily accessible and easy to update.
Find and explore
Search for other users, suppliers or businesses in the interactive building directory page.

Supercharge retailers and commercialise services

Online marketplace
Our online marketplace offers a sophisticated shopping experience that connects tenants with their building precinct, with custom store pages for suppliers, various filters, specials, promotions, discounts, coupons and much, much more.
Express pickup
Shoppers can pick up their order directly from the concierge in less than an hour.
Desk delivery
We give every portal member the ability to order their lunch or their coffee and get it delivered directly to their desk.
Equiem engineered printers
To help integrate suppliers with our system, we offer an Equiem printer - an innovative hardware solution that prints out Portal orders, ready to be fulfilled.
Custom retailer delivery options
We work individually with each supplier to make sure that their integration with our system is ideal. This means customising batch delivery windows, open and close times and order maximums and minimums.
Digital drycleaning
Portal users can order their own personalised dry-cleaning bags, specify their garments and their dry cleaning will be picked up and delivered direct to their office.
Stripe-powered payments
We use state of the art, globally acclaimed, PCI-DSS compliant and highly secure payment handler Stripe to facilitate credit card payments, subscriptions and all things money.

Dive into analytics and dashboards

Portal activity
An overview of featured content published, user signups, new products and more.
Content engagement
Page views, comments and jump-off rates.
Store engagement
Most popular products, purchases per day and most popular retailers.
User acquisition
New user signups.
User engagement
User activity across various site areas.
Site analytics
Sessions, pageviews, users and more.

Take advantage of a growing list of integrations

Community managers can upload their photos to Flickr and they get displayed on the front page. Users can post links to Flickr photos and galleries on their feed or the public feed which gets turned into a beautiful embedded image/gallery.
Google Analytics
Community managers can track in-depth analytics from their portal via Google Analytics.
Embeddable content from various social media platforms can be entered as a simple URL but displayed as rich embedded media.
Coworking spaces can choose to enable a Yammer integration, allowing users to log in and post via their Yammer feed on the portal front page.
Automated and manually-created newsletters are created and tracked through Mailchimp and Mandrill, with custom templates provided to match the precinct's brand.
SMS Global
SMS notifcations are sent out to suppliers when orders are placed to streamline the order fulfilment process.
News posts can be drafted in Facebook as Facebook posts, and imported automatically into the portal, ready to publish.

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