Breathing life into buildings

Equiem Mid-2016 Engagement Report

At Equiem, we love nothing more than making our community members smile. It's because we believe buildings should be more than just bricks & mortar - not only places where we work, but where we can connect & thrive.

It's our mission to foster communities that delight, inspire and enrich people’s lives - create places where you want to go and stay.

We fundamentally believe buildings should not just be places where we “check in and check out” at work, but also where we can learn, connect with others and get involved with the local community.

By creating environments that inspire, empower and attract occupants, we also aim to elevate the value of these places for the people who own and manage them.

In this report, you'll find examples of our work so far in 2016.

Engagement Stats: Jan to Jun 2016


Closing the Gender Gap

570 Bourke Street, Melbourne

On March 8th, 570 Bourke Street celebrated International Women’s Day with a fantastic event ‘Closing the Gender Gap,’ brought together by Charter Hall and Equiem Community Manager Alina Leang.

Alina handpicked two inspirational business women to share their journey and experiences via a panel session hosted by Charter Hall’s Head of Retail, Greg Chubb. CEO of SisterWorks, Luz Restrepo, discussed empowerment and entrepreneurship in the face of incomprehensible hardship. A political refugee from Colombia, Luz wants to encourage all women to tap into their underlying business and entrepreneurial abilities to create opportunities for personal and economic growth.

While CEO of Nourissh, Amanda Campbell, discussed the power of the wholesome food movement and how the body and mind is directly affected by what we eat. Together, these women shared an ‘infectious enthusiasm’ for their work, not just with women but with people in general. This is exactly what International Women’s Day represents – equality for all.


Five minutes with Alina Leang, 570 Bourke Community Manager

How did the campaign come about? What was its objective?

To celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD), 570 Bourke and Charter Hall hosted a wonderful lunchtime forum celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. With a delicious High Tea (and Champagne) Lunch, catered by the High Tea Company and Vinomofo, tenants enjoyed the inspirational stories of two female entrepreneurs. This event aligned with Charter Hall’s ‘Champions of Change’ company initiative and key message of diversity, gender equality and helping women become leaders in the workplace.

How did it go? What was the feedback?

The event was a huge success with almost 70 attendees! I spoke to many of the women there who said that the forum exceed their expectations and they were incredibly inspired by the speakers. It was great to be able to promote diversity, equality and inclusivity within our building and see so many tenants mingling with people from various workplaces. Everybody was sharing their own stories and discovering commonalities. This event truly highlighted the benefits of combining offline and online community initiatives.

What do you love the most about being a CM?

I love that I can positively contribute to the well-being and happiness of hard working individuals who dedicate their life to the work that they do. From a simple smile to inspiring events. Cultivating a space of encouragement and support as a way of helping occupants thrive in their work and personally is the most motivating aspect of my job. Collectively we become a community of passionate people making a difference in society from the inside out. I'm inspired everyday.

Campaign Testimonials

Laura S.

"The quality of the presentation itself really exceeded my expectations; colour me impressed!  I look forward to hearing what else is in store and feel very lucky to have been invited."

Carrie B.

"This presentation showed us inspirational stories and social achievements of women over the years, leaving me with an enhancement of attitude and new found confidence."


Fostering an Active and Healthy Lifestyle

175 Eagle, Brisbane

As part of Charter Hall’s commitment to fostering a healthier work environment, Equiem Community Manager Albert Pascual partnered with global sportswear brand Lorna Jane to hold a retail pop-up and ‘Lunch and Learn’ seminar on active living at 175 Eagle.

Tenants enjoyed tasty Chobani yoghurt and T2 samples and a fabulous display of Lorna Jane’s latest activewear on the ground floor before ascending to the 8th floor for the seminar! Jacinta Lees from Lorna Jane’s HQ wanted to inspire and empower women and ensure them that active, healthy living was feasible and achievable.

In her presentation, she shared some practical ways to enhance physical and mental well-being during the work day and reminded those who attended that  “a woman who is inspired is unstoppable.” Albert promoted all activities and handled RSVP’s on the @175 Eagle Portal, which has quickly become the central hub for the 175 Eagle community.


Five minutes with Albert Pascual, 175 Eagle Community Manager

How did the campaign come about? What was its objective?

In June, we wanted to arrange events and activations around the theme of Winter Wellness. Wellness is about looking after yourself in all spheres of life, from fitness to nutrition to mental health, and the Active Living philosophy of Lorna Jane aligned strongly with this. Given my retail background, working with a retailer seemed natural for me. I actually just walked right up Lorna Jane’s door and asked if they would be interested in a health and wellbeing collaboration. Their new philosophy, ‘Move Nourish Believe’ is what I wanted to convey to tenants and they were eager to jump on board with us at 175 Eagle.

How did it go? What was the feedback?

The feedback was great; from the lobby to the ‘Lunch and Learn’ there was a positive spirit in the air. My personal highlight was running into a lady in the end of trip preparing for her run because of the ‘Lunch & Learn’. I feel like it's easy to get caught up in the numbers, how many came? How many page views? and so on. But knowing that this Activation actually had an impact on an individual's life is just astonishing!

What do you love the most about being a CM?

There is so much that I love about my role! I can be integral to setting the atmosphere of the building with just a friendly smile. I also love nothing more than to make their lives better, which can be anything from recommending a florist, hearing about someone’s weekend, or even just smiling and saying good morning. I feel like at the core, my job is to bring joy and to serve to the tenants of the building. The Portal, Activations, competitions, these are all tools that equip me to do this better.

Campaign Testimonials

Yasmin H.

"I don’t have anything but positive feedback from Friday, the food was great, venue was well set out, presenter was well presented, spoke well, well prepared and had good motivating advice. Congratulations to you."

Audrey B.

"I really enjoyed the session, I found the speaker informative & engaging. I liked that the focus was on wellness not fitness, I would be interested in attending other events like these especially anything focusing on wellness & mindfulness. I think a dietician/cooking example would be a great idea.”


Putting Customers at the Centre

80 Collins, Melbourne

One of the key objectives of an Equiem Community Manager (CM) is to support local retailers and businesses. When 80 Collins CM Caitlin Turner learned that the local Crisp Salads were looking to refresh their menu, she reached out to owner Ted Tolfree with an idea - why not let tenants at 80 Collins, who were self-professed fans of Crisp, participate first hand to workshop their new salads? 

With the support of building managers Colliers and owners QIC, Caitlin was able to leverage the power of the @80 Collins Portal to quickly organise a workshop with 11 hungry and eager tenants. AON, 80 Collin’s key tenant, were generous enough to lend their scenic boardroom for the session. Ted himself hosted, and rewarded participants with a complimentary salad of their choice and detox gift to thank them for their contributions.

The collaboration between Caitlin, Colliers, QIC, AON and Crisp demonstrated a real sense of community spirit within the building. The workshop ultimately empowered attendees by highlighting their preferred tastes, opinions and suggestions in order to support a retailer that was actively prepared to listen to its customers!


Five Minutes with Caitlin Turner, 80 Collins Community Manager

How did the campaign come about? What was its objective?

Ted, Crisp owner, wanted to update his menu with a fresh and modern feel that factored in his customers’ thoughts and suggestions. Crisp was actively engaging in a promotion to reward customers for their opinions however I suggested Ted use the Equiem Portal to source feedback. The Portal Store acted as an invaluable marketing tool in attracting the potential focus group attendees from the building!

How did it go? What was the feedback?

The session was incredibly mutually beneficial. Ted gained some invaluable insight from customers (that he might otherwise not have been able to gain) through the Portal and attendees were eager to share their thoughts and really help shape the future of a business they often frequented. Many commented on how Crisp/Ted were really ‘listening and paying attention’ more than a lot of other retailers and were both curious and excited to see how Crisp would adopt their input and suggestions. I think this ‘market research’ style collaboration will become increasingly popular with our retailers.

What do you love the most about being a CM?

I was really attracted to the role and idea of increasing productivity and convenience for tenants in an office building. I love connecting with users, being a point of call for all building and precinct queries whilst ensuring that the Portal is current, useful and makes a positive difference to tenants as well as surrounding retailers. I love the creativity that the role also requires with our numerous onsite events that are always engaging.

Campaign Testimonials

Michelle L.

"Before the session Crisp was just one of many lunch options available to me. I find that I’m looking at it with new eyes now that I know my suggestions and preferences are being given serious consideration. Will definitely be getting more Crisp moving forward not because their salads are better than others but because I feel they are listening and paying more attention than most."

Sandra M.

"It was super awesome, I think Ted got a lot of great ideas and everyone raved about the benefits of the portal for ease of use for us but effective marketing for other businesses in the area who have benefitted from you/the portal too!”

Damien B.

"What a great session, and such a generous gift at the end. I could talk about salad all day (what a weirdo)!"

Katherine T.

"It was great, the food was very fresh and Ted spoke very well. There were a lot of good ideas that people contributed and I really enjoyed the session.”


Fighting Off the Winter Blues

Darling Park, Sydney

In order to help tenants fight off cold and flu, Community Manager Maya Scheuch, in coordination with building manager JLL, organised Health & Wellness Month at Darling Park - an entire month packed of amazing, complimentary classes and activities for all ages and fitness levels.

Classes were offered in the Pavilion and activities ranged from yoga, pilates and even Argentine tango. Tenants also enjoyed lunch & learns on creative thinking, mental health and nutrition - plus complimentary health assessments, massages and ergonomic advice. Last but not least, Maya also ran a competition to win a day at The Billabong Retreat in Sydney for two lucky tenants. Thanks to the @Darling Park Portal, Maya was able to promote the events, manage RSVP's and maximise attendance.

With a community of more than 4,000, Maya innately understood that when it comes to exercise, it’s not ‘one size fits all’. By offering such a diverse range of activities, she was able to promote active living across the Darling Park community and both tenants and professionals were able to share practical and creative health and well-being tips to enhance their workplace and work lives. Many of the events, like the boxing classes, were so popular, they have now become regular fixtures in Darling Park's calendar.


Five minutes with Maya Scheuch, Darling Park Community Manager

How did the campaign come about? What was its objective?

Complete City Health had approached Darling Park about coming back to do another pop-up health clinic for a week. They had a super successful one in October of last year, so we jumped at the opportunity. Then a lightbulb went off; why not make a whole month out of health and wellness? With EOFY nearing and our glorious endless summer coming to an end, I kept having tenants tell me how overworked and stressed they were. I wanted the month to focus on our customers and their health so they could be their very best during stressful times.

How did it go? What was the feedback?

It was a tremendous time to be a part of the building! We had something on offer for everyone, including free yoga, pilates, boxing, and even tango classes. We also held a talk in the Pavilion on nutrition & immunity in the winter so customers could get their best defenses up against the flu. The Portal had some amazing competition prizes based around wellness too. The good folks at The Billabong Retreat just outside of Sydney gifted us with a full day wellness retreat prize for two. We also teamed up with deCARate bike accessories and we gave away two bike carriers (worth $200 each!) on the Portal. Did someone say, Portal Perks? Towards the end of the month, we offered a lunch and learn focused on creative thinking and mental health (including an amazing seafood lunch) and then we closed it out with the C.C.H. Pop-Up clinic; where they offered customers everything from free massages to posture analysis. The feedback was incredible! Because of the success of the boxing class, we've decided to bring it on full-time, so customers have something additional to add to our already amazing yoga sessions!

What do you love the most about being a CM?

I love that no two days are alike. What other job allows you to coordinate a tango performance, volunteer for a clothing drive, and give away a wellness retreat prize all in one day? Darling Park is like its own little city... and every day I get to connect with the community within it through the Portal and these types of activations. I love bringing people together and making a positive difference in people's lives. Being a CM allows me to do just that.

Campaign Testimonials

Michael F.

"Thank you for organising such a creative workshop. It was really fun and thought provoking. Will definitely be using the techniques that I learned during my brainstorming session."

Patricia K.

"I loved Amy's boxing class. It was my first introduction to boxing so hosting a free session gave me the opportunity to try before I buy. Please keep these taster sessions up!"

Vivian M.

"The boxing class was great! I would definitely join up to the boxing class if it was offered!”


Firecrackers, Fortunes and Fiery Lions

Rialto, Melbourne

Firecrackers, fortunes and fiery lions vibrantly heralded in Chinese New Year at the Rialto during February.

To mark the beginning of the Year of the Monkey, Community Manager Andy Gott, together with Rialto Property Management, partnered with the Chinese Masonic Society to wow tenants with traditional lion dances and martial arts demonstrations. The lions danced to drums, cymbals and gongs, explored the Lobby and Plaza and blessed the building for the forthcoming year. Lettuce leaves were scattered to symbolise a fresh start for the year and spread good luck.

The Concierge Team also handed out very special Rialto fortune cookies that gave only the ‘luckiest’ tenants a free coffee. With a significant Chinese-Australian population in the building, CM Andy wanted to ensure that Rialto’s multiculturalism was celebrated to its fullest.


Five minutes with Andy Gott, Rialto Community Manager

How did the campaign come about? What was its objective?

Melbourne has a proud history of Chinese heritage, and many of Rialto's tenants have close ties with Asian business. We wanted to mark the greatest occasion in the Chinese calendar with - quite literally - a bang, fill the Lobby with energy and of course, bless the building for the coming year.

How did it go? What was the feedback?

We partnered with a troupe holding 80 years of performing experience, who brought two dancing lions and a host of drummers to the building. Tenants filled the space and witnessed an exciting blessing ceremony in the sunshine. The feedback was incredible - "This is the best Chinese New Year ever!" was pretty cool to hear.

What do you love the most about being a CM?

Having the opportunity to execute activations exactly like this: seeing them through from being a fun idea in passing conversation, to an explosion of colour, sound and excitement just metres from my desk. We're empowered to make our own vision happen, and watch it come to life. It doesn't get better than that.

Campaign Testimonials

Jessie L.

"Thank you for my complimentary coffee! And what an awesome surprise to find my morning perk-up in a fortune cookie. You guys at Rialto know us so well!"

Sam T.

"What a spectacular cultural display! I don’t know much about Chinese New Year and this initiative allowed me to learn and be a part of a cultural tradition that affects so many every year”

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